HP SET Preparation Tips 2019

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HP SET Exam comprises of 3 papers; Paper I, Paper II, and Paper III.

So, exam can be stressful so here are some tips to crack SET exam, which can help speed up your preparation.

In Paper I the candidate on teaching and the research aptitude along with their reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness. So, candidates should improve their language skills, read newspapers, journals and visit news sites.

In Paper II and Paper III the candidate’s knowledge on the chosen subjects. For example candidate choose Psychology, you will be take on the full syllabus of the subjects alone.

Making notes while reading, making notes helps to remember important points for long time.

Highlighting important points with the help of pencil or highlighting markers.

Apart from highlighting the points you can also list out the points that you feel or think are important on a separate piece of paper or in your study notes.

If possible prepare drawings that highlight the main points discussed in the topic.

Applicants can also use flow charts to highlight the various processes involved.

Several subjects needs a revision so, revision is must help to remembered topics which is you learnt.

For subjects that require arithmetic calculation, like mathematics, algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics and chemistry the best wat to prepare is to practice and then practice some more.

All the best!!!!!!!!

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