Preparation Tips for MP SET 2019

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All the candidates should keep a track record of all the topics that they have prepared. Some topics that require revision should also be maintained separately.

All the candidates should make short notes of the important points in every topic while preparation. These small notes will allow the candidates to a quick revision as they won’t have to study everything again and will be able to revise the whole topic in a short amount of time.

Candidates should know the complete MP SET syllabus before preparation.

The best mode for preparation is practice. All the candidates should regularly solve the MP SET Sample papers as it will help to increase their proficiency and speed level for the written exam.

Candidates don’t take a loads of study material instead they should have one book per subject.

All the candidates are advised to follow the latest preparation material while preparing for MPSET exam. The latest preparation material should cover the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

Candidates should practice time training while attempting to solve practice papers.

If candidates regularly solve the papers it will help them improve their speed and complete the exam in allotted time. Because speed is very important in exam.

Applicants should keep an ample amount time aside for revision of topics.

Candidates should have a good strategy for preparation of written exam and also how to attempt the exam.

Candidates should stay up to date with all the events of national and international importance happening around them.

Candidates should make a proper time table for their studies and follow it regular basis.

So, All the Best for your preparation.

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