RSET: Anthropology Books

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  1. Beattie: Other Cultures - Buy from
  2. Beals & Hoijer: An Introduction to Anthropology - Buy from
  3. Haviland: An Introduction to Anthropology - Buy from
  4. Vaid: Economy and Social Relations
  5. US Mishra: An Introduction to Social-Cultural Anthropology (in Hindi)
  6. Mishra & Hasnain: Unifying Anthropology - Buy from
  7. Honigman: The World of Man
  8. Herskovits: Cultural Anthropology - Buy from
  9. Majumdar & Madan: An Introduction to Social Anthropology - Buy from
  10. Sagar Preet: Basic Concepts in Sociology and Anthropology
  11. Abhik Ghosh: Meetings with the Other (on Fieldwork Techniques)
  12. Harrison et. al: Human Biology
  13. Shukla & Rastogi: Physical Anthropology & Human Genetics - Buy from
  14. Stein & Rowe: An Introduction to Physical Anthropology - Buy from
  15. Vaid & Pandey: Jaivik Manavshastra (in Hindi)
  16. B. Janusch: Origins of Man - Buy from
  17. Virender Kumar: Evolution of Genus Homo
  18. Surender Nath: Forensic Anthropology - Buy from
  19. Surender Nath: Nutritional Anthropology
  20. M. Harris: Rise of Anthropological Theory - Buy from
  21. US Misra: Anthropological Thought (in Hindi)
  22. Booklet by Jawahar Publishers, New Delhi
  23. NCERT: Indian Society, Social Change
  24. Bhattacharya, D.K.: An Outline of Indian Prehistory - Buy from
  25. Srinivas: Caste in India & Other Essays - Buy from
  26. Srinivas: Social Change in Modern India - Buy from
  27. Y. Singh: Modernisation of Indian Tradition - Buy from
  28. Vidyarthi & Rai: Tribal Cultures of India - Buy from
  29. N. Hasnain: Indian Anthropology - Buy from
  30. N. Hasnain: Tribal India - Buy from
  31. R C Verma: Indian Tribes
  32. Vaid: Who Cares for Tribal Development (Hindi & English)
  33. A.L. Basham: The Wonder that was India 1 - Buy from
  34. A.L. Basham: The Wonder that was India 2 - Buy from
  35. G S Bhatt: Bharatiya Samajik Vichar (in Hindi)
  36. Sagar Preet: Reservation for Backward Classes a Perspective

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