RSET Animal Husbandry Notes: Animal Breeding

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Organic animals husbandry stresses on avoiding of genetically engineered materials for breeding purposes. Artificial insemination is allowed as a restricted practice.

Conversion of a livestock farm to an organic livestock farm livestock farm.

The following impact points must be considered when converting to an organic system of production for live:

  • Animals shall not be fed with feeds, which incorporated feed additives like growth hormones, bacteriostats e. t. c.
  • Animal waste e. g. Poultry manure shall not be used to feed livestock.
  • Animal manures require to be handled properly, removed from animals housed regularly and be composted before taking them to the fields to kill harmful organisms that may be present e. t. c nematodes.
  • The health of animals shall be paramount selection for breeding animals should be based on the resistance to diseases and pests. The farmer should administers only the herbal and natural treatment conventional drugs may only be used as a last resort to save the life of the animals will not be certified as from an organic source for the next three (3) months.
  • The farm should strive to produce most of the feeds from the farm to avoid procurement of contaminated feeds from other sources.