Halloween Words in Chinese: Chinese Learning and Simple Way of Chinese

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Halloween Words in Chinese - 萬聖節話 (Learn Chinese)

Halloween Words in Chinese

  • nǔwū 女巫 - Witch

  • xīxuèguǐ 吸血鬼 - Vampire

  • yōulíng 幽灵 – Ghost

  • kūlóu 骷髅 - Skeleton

  • jīangshī 僵尸 - Zombie

  • bīanfú 蝙蝠 – Bat

  • tánggǔo 糖果 - Candies

  • nángūadēng 南瓜灯 - Jak-O-Lantern

  • hēimāo 黑猫 - Black Cat

  • nǔwūmào 女巫帽 - Witch’s Hat

  • gǔiwū 鬼屋 - Ghost House


1)What Is Ghost?

2)What Is Skeleton?

3)What Is Candies?

4)What Is Vampire?