Buddhism YouTube Lecture Handouts: Teachings, 8-Fold Path and 4-Noble Truths

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Buddhist Philosophy - Indian Logic
  • Knowledge is a quality generated in the soul.
  • Relation between the soul and the body.
  • Prama: True knowledge is known as prama (yathartha) . Knowledge which corresponds to real nature of its object is valid. For example “fire is hot” . Pramana provides an instrument getting such true knowledge.
  • Aprama: Knowledge that is not true is known as aprama (aythartha) . Knowledge which does not correspond to the real character of an object is invalid. For example, “fire is cold” .
  • If the generating conditions are sound, knowledge is valid, if they are defective, knowledge is invalid.

Buddhist Teachings

  • Sutra Pitaka (tales)
  • Vinaya Pitaka (disciplines)
  • Abhidharmma Pitaka (scholastic analysis)
  • based on the teachings of the Upanishads

8-Fold Path

  • Right Faith (Samyak Dristi)
  • Right Resolve (Samyak Sankalpa)
  • Right Speech (Samyak Vakya)
  • Right Action (Samyak Karmanta)
  • Right Living (Samyak Ajiva)
  • Right Thought (Samyak Smriti)
  • Right Concentration (Samyak Samadhi)
  • Right Effort (Samyak Vyayama

4 Noble Truths

  • The Nature of Suffering
  • The Origin of Suffering
  • The Cessation of Suffering
  • The Path Leading to the Cessation of Suffering

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