Jainism YouTube Lecture Handouts: Philosophy, Triratna

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Jaina Philosophy - Indian Logic

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  • The Jaina philosophy is mainly divided into two sects, which differ only in their customs, religious faiths, and spiritual practices, but their ultimate aim is to attain moksha or salvation. They are:

  • Svetambara who wear while clothes

  • Digambara who believe that sky is their clothes


  • A basic principle is anekantavada, the idea that reality is perceived differently from different points of view, and that no single point of view is completely true (similar to the Western philo-sophical doctrine of Subjectivism).

  • According to Jainism, only Kevalis, those who have infinite knowledge, can know the true answer, and all others would only know a part of the answer.

  • It stresses spiritual independence and the equality of all life, with particular emphasis on non-violence, and posits self-control as vital for attaining the realization of the soul's true nature.


  • Right Philosophy

  • Right Knowledge

  • Right Conduct

  • Not to lie

  • Not to steal

  • Not to strive for luxury and possessions

  • Not to be unchaste

  • Not to injure (ahimsa)

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