Types of Audience YouTube Lecture Handouts: Positive, Negative, Divided, Apathic for RSET

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Types of Audience: Active, Passive, Apathetic, Positive, Negative, Uninformed

Types of Audience

  • Positive Audience or Sympathetic audience – hold a favorable view on the topic
  • Negative audience or hostile audience – informed about your topic holds a negative view on the topic
  • Divided audience – informed and half favorable and unfavorable - Persuasion (Integrate strategies for negative and positive audiences)
  • Uninformed audience – unfamiliar to the topic and they have no opinion
  • Apathetic audience – these are informed but not interested in the topic
  • Passive audience - A passive audience is an audience that merely observes and event rather than actively responding it.
  • Active audience - The active audience theory argues that media audiences do not just receive information passively but actively involved.

Positive Audience - Persuasion

  • Incorporate narratives
  • Rely on engaging evidence to reinforce commitment
  • Use vivid language and images
  • Suggest action

Negative Audience - Persuasion

  • Establish credibility
  • Take common-ground approach
  • Visualize topic in Positive ways
  • Anticipate and address objections

Divided Audience - Persuasion

  • Motivate audience to learn more about topic
  • Demonstrate expertise and fairness
  • Use repetition and redundancy
  • Keep persuasion subtle

Apathetic Audience - Persuasion

  • Gain attention and interest
  • Show how topic affects audience
  • Display energy an dynamism
  • Take a one-sided approach

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