METHOD OF Teaching for Paper 1 Unit I (Teaching Aptitude) as Per New 2020 Syllabus

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Teaching Aptitude: Levels of Teaching Aptitude

image of level of teaching

Image of Level of Teaching

image of level of teaching

Memory Level of Teaching Aptitude:

  • It emphasis on presentation of fact & information & it’s all about cramming.

  • Knowledge is gained by the learner through the memorization.

  • It is the initial stage of teaching 7 induce the habit of rote learning of facts & subject matters.

  • It provides students ability to retain & reproduce the learnt subject.

  • It converts only the knowledge based objective.

  • Students learns to identify, recall or remembers the objects, events, ideas & retain them in memory.

  • The role of teacher is active & primary & that of the students is secondary.

  • It does not improve improve intelligence & increase students capability but this is required for other types of teaching levels.

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image of memory level

Image of Memory Level

image of memory level

Understanding Level of Teaching Aptitude:

  • It talks about generalization of principles, theory & other key important fact.

  • This helps to build the thinking level of students to make use of their acquired knowledge on the basis of previously known facts & subjects.

  • It focuses on mastery of the subjects.

  • It provide more & more opportunity for the students to develop skills of memory & insight.

  • The evaluation system of this level is mainly objective type questions & essay.

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Reflective Level of Teaching:

  • It talks about both understanding level & memory level.

  • Its main objective is to develop problem solving.

  • The emphasis is laid on problem identifying, defining it & finding the solution.

  • Essay type test is used to evaluate the learning process.

  • The teaching at this level is not teacher centered or subject centered, its learner centered.

  • The classroom environment should be sufficiently open & independent.

  • The students are assumed to adopt some sort of research approach to solve the problem.

image of reflective level

Image of Reflective Level

image of reflective level

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