Method of Teaching for Paper 1 Unit I (Teaching Aptitude) as Per New 2021 Syllabus

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Teaching Aptitude: Meaning & Concept


  • Teaching can be both formal and informal. Informal teaching is carried out within the family or in community, during initial years of life.
  • It is also called home schooling.
  • On the other hand, formal teaching is carried out by paid professionals called editors teachers or faculty.
  • Teaching Aptitude is all about evaluating candidates who want to enter teaching profession on the basis of their knowledge and skills.
  • It refers to basic qualities required to become a successful teacher. This include qualification, intelligence, attitude, and many other qualities expected from a person who wants to become a successful teacher.
  • Teaching Aptitude progress & prosperity of a nation depends upon the development of its human resources. For this purpose, we need highly competent teachers.
  • Teaching can be defined as an activity that causes the child to learn & acquire the desired knowledge & skills & also the desired way of living in the society.
  • Teaching is a process which can be carried out formally and informally.
  • Informal teaching takes place within the family while formal teaching takes place outside if the families.
  • Formal teaching should be carried out by experienced faculty, editors, and teacher.

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Basic Requirement for Teaching

Title: Basic Requirement


  • Teaching is the purposeful direction & management of the learning process.
  • Teaching is a process of providing opportunities for students to produce relatively permanent change through engagement in experiences provided by the teachers.
  • According to Morrison, teaching is a disciplined social process in which teacher influence the behavior of the less experienced pupil and helps develop according to the needs and ideas of the society. Thus teaching is reduced to what the teacher teaching.
  • The teaching aptitude means an interest in the teaching work orientation, implementing teaching principles & methods. Under the gamut of teaching aptitude, teaching skill occupies a major place. Every student is a different entity from the viewpoint of his intelligence, aptitude & interest.

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  • Smith (1947) considered teaching as a tripolar process involving agent or source producing learning which may be human or material. A goal or target to be achieved
  • The intervening variables consisting of learning or teaching situation; involving human or physical conditions and instructional methods.

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