Method of Teaching for Paper 1 Unit I (Teaching Aptitude) as Per New 2022 Syllabus

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Teaching Aptitude: Methods of Teaching Aptitude

Here are some important teaching methods:

Title: Methods & Strategy of Teaching Aptitude

Teacher-Centered Strategy

Lecture Method

  • Lecture method is a process of teaching in which the teacher tells his/her students about the planed facts. The students listen & takes the notes.
  • The success of this method depends on the ability of the teacher to speak fluently in good tone & style.

Team Teaching

  • Team teaching includes a batch of instructor which help a group of students regular & cooperative them to learn the different concepts.
  • Teachers together prepare their course, frame the syllabus, prepare the lesson plans, teach, guide & evaluate the results of the students.
  • They share student analysis & also suggest to decide which approach is better.

TV or Video Presentation

  • It is an improved method in which it involves radio or audio presentation, & it can virtually bring the whole world inside the classroom.
  • Screening of video presentation is followed by the discussion of a task.

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Mixed Strategy

Group Discussion

  • Discussion methods set a platform for open-ended, collaboration exchange of ideas among the teacher & students with the motive to increase the students thinking, learning, problem solving, & understanding.
  • Participants presents their unique point of view, listen to others ideas in a better way as to increase their knowledge, understanding, or interpretation of the matter or topic.


  • It is group creative in which efforts are made to find a relevant conclusion or solution for a particular problem by listening out different ideas or suggestions spontaneously contributes by its members.

Project Method

  • Project method is one of the advanced methods of teaching in which, the student՚s point of view is given importance in the design of the curriculum & content of studies.
  • This method is based on the philosophy of pragmatism & the principle of “learning by doing” .

Student-Centered Strategy


  • As assignment is teaching method which can be done either individually or in the group.
  • That assist the students to acquire individual academic competences of the assignment, & the students have to carry out the task of their own time.

Case Study

  • The case method is the most powerful student-centered teaching strategy that imparts the students with critical thinking, communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Working in different case study helps the students to research & evaluate multiple sources of data, fostering information literacy.

Programmed Instruction

  • It is research-based system that helps the students to learn in a grade sequence of controlled steps.

Heuristic Method

  • It is an approach to problem-solving, learning, or discovery that employs a practical method but instead sufficient for reaching an immediate goal.

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Teaching Aids

Audio Aids

  • These aids find the usage of the sense of hearing for example radio, tape recorders, and language laboratories.

Visual Aids

  • This aid are use the sense of visual only. For example chalkboards soft boards, maps, pictures, etc.

Audio-Visual Aids

  • This makes use of both sense of hearing & visual. For example television, films, computers, etc.

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