Method of Research for Paper 1 Unit II (Research Aptitude) as Per New 2021 Syllabus

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Business Game

  • A business game is a more improved version of the role played technique. Here, instead of one decision at a particular point of time, the participants are required to take a series of decisions at different time periods.
  • For example, they are divided into groups, each group representing an impendent firm in the same industry.

Complete Postal Material Updated as per New Syllabus

  • On the Basic of research Approach:
    • Longitudinal Approach.
    • Cross - Sectional Approach.
      • Longitudinal Approach -It is concerned with complete information of the phenomena from its genesis Upto its employs the following three method of research:
        • Historical Method.
        • Genetic Method.
        • Case-study Method.
      • Cross-sectional Approach - It is concerned with the information of any aspect of the phenomena in the existing situation. It employs the following three methods:
    • Normative Survey Method: In a Normative Survey, the researcher is concerned with conditions or relationships that exist, practices that prevail, & trends that are developing.
    • Descriptive Studies (A type of Survey Method)
      • It concerns with the โ€˜Presentโ€™ and attempts to determine the status of phenomenon under investigation. The nature of Descriptive research can be explained with reference to other type of research that is,
        • Descriptive and Historical Research.
        • Descriptive and Experimental Research.
        • Descriptive and Case Study.
        • Basic Purpose of Descriptive Research:
        • To identify present conditions & point out towards present needs.
        • To study immediate status of a phenomenon.
        • Fact finding researches.
        • To examine the relationships of traits and characteristics (Trends and Patterns) .
          Descreminative Research
    • Historical Method of Research:
      • Identification-definition of problem.
      • Collection-of data.
      • Criticism-of data.
      • Interpretation โ€“ of data.
    • The historical Sources of evidence are also divided into two groups:
      • Primary Sources of Evidence- โ€œA primary source is the only repository of an historical datum, like an original record of an important occasion, an eye witness description of an event, photograph minutes of organizing meeting and so on.โ€
      • Secondary Sources of Evidence- โ€œA secondary source is an account or record of an historical event or circumstance one or more steps removed from an original history.โ€

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