Method of Research for Paper 1 Unit II (Research Aptitude) as Per New 2021 Syllabus

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Aptitude Research: Qualitative Quantitative

Qualitative Research

  • An unstructured, exploratory research methodology based on small samples that provides insights and understanding of the problem setting.

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Qualitative Research Procedure

Quantitive Research Procedure
  • Objectives: To gain a qualitative understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations.
  • Samples: Small number of no representative cases.
  • Data Collection: Unstructured.
  • Data Analysis: No statistical.
  • Outcome: Develop an initial understanding.

Quantitative Research

  • A research methodology that seeks to quantify the data and, typically, applies some form of statistical analysis.

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Quantitative Research Procedure

Quantitive Research Procedure
  • Objectives: To quantify the data and generalize the results from the sample to the population of interest.
  • Samples: Large number of representative cases.
  • Data Collection: Structured.
  • Data Analysis: Statistical.
  • Outcome: Recommend a final course of action.

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