Method of Communication for Paper 1 Unit IV (Communication) as Per New 2021 Syllabus

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Communication: Importance of Communication

The Basis of Co-Ordination

  • The manager explains to the employees the organizational goals, modes of their achievement and also the interpersonal relationships amongst them. This provides coordination between various employees and also departments. Thus, communications act as a basis for coordination in the organization.

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Fluent Working

  • A manager coordinates the human and physical elements of an organization to run it smoothly and efficiently. This coordination is not possible without proper communication.

The Basis of Decision Making

  • Proper communication provides information to the manager that is useful for decision making. No decisions could be taken in the absence of information. Thus, communication is the basis for taking the right decisions.

Increases Managerial Efficiency

  • The manager conveys the targets and issues instructions and allocates jobs to the subordinates. All of these aspects involve communication. Thus, communication is essential for the quick and effective performance of the managers and the entire organization.

Increases Cooperation and Organizational Peace

  • The two-way communication process promotes co-operation and mutual understanding amongst the workers and also between them and the management. This leads to less friction and thus leads to industrial peace in the factory and efficient operations.

Boosts Morale of the Employees

  • Good communication helps the workers to adjust to the physical and social aspect of work. It also improves good human relations in the industry. An efficient system of communication enables the management to motivate, influence and satisfy the subordinates which in turn boosts their morale and keeps them motivated.


  • It is through communication the efforts of all the staff working in the Organisation can be coordinated for the accomplishment of the organizational goals. The coordination of all personnel՚s and their efforts is the essence of management which can be attained through effective communication.

Planning Becomes Easy

  • Communication facilitates planning. Planning is made easy by communication. Any type of information regarding the human resource requirement of each department of the Organisation with their qualifications, the type and kinds of job etc. can be collected through communication which helps in human resource planning. Policies and programmes for their acquisition can be prepared and implemented. In the entire process communication plays a vital role, it also facilitates managerial planning of the Organisation.

Provides Effective Leadership

  • A communication skill bring manager near to his subordinates and exchange ideas and submits appropriate proposals, knows their opinions, seeks advices and make decisions. This enables a manager to win confidence of his subordinates through constantly communicating with them and removing probable misunderstandings. In this way he leads his people to accomplish the organizational goal.

Aids in Decision-Making

  • The information collected through communication aids in decision-making. Communication facilitates access to the vital information required to take decisions.

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Title: Importance of Communication

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