Well Formed Formula Logic Basis for Logic Formula YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Well Formed Formulas in Logic | Introduction to Logic - Correct & Incorrect Formulas

Well Formed Formula Logic

Basis for Logic Formula

Capital Letter

Prefix with

“•” , “∨” , “⊃” , or “≡” between Capital Letters

Correct Logic Formula

Correct Logic Formula

A by rule 1

A by rule 2, since A is a WFF

A by rule 2 again, since is a WFF

by rule 3, joining and B

by rule 3, joining

by rule 2, since is a WFF

Incorrect Logic Formula

Incorrect Logic Formula
(A • B) ⊃ C)

A ~the ~belongs on the left side of the negated proposition

(A) Parentheses are only introduced when joining two WFFs with •, ∨ , , or ≡

there՚s no WFF on the right side of the •

(A • B) ⊃ C) missing parenthesis on the left side

cannot be formed by the rules of syntax

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