NTA UGC-NET Environment Questions (Part 14 of 14)

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  1. Which region of India receives rainfall due to western disturbance in wint. Er?

    1. Western region

    2. Central region

    3. Eastern region

    4. North-Western region

    Answer: c

  2. Freely suspended magnetic needle stands in which direction?

    1. North-West direction

    2. North-South direction

    3. North-East direction

    4. South-West direction

    Answer: b

  3. How far the axis of earth is inclined of its orbital surface?

    1. 23

    2. 66

    3. 1800

    4. It is not inclined

    Answer: a

  4. Difference of longitudinal of two places on the earth is 15° What will be the difference in its local time?

    1. No difference

    2. 1 hour

    3. 2 hours

    4. 15 hours

    Answer: b

  5. Which of the following is only star?

    1. Moon

    2. Venus

    3. Earth

    4. Sun

    Answer: d

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