NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Questions (Part 9 of 30)

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  1. Sunderban in Hooghly dalta is known for

    1. Grasslands

    2. Conifers

    3. Mangroves

    4. Arid forests

  2. It is believed that our globe is warming progressively. This global warming will eventually result in

    1. increase in availability of usable land

    2. uniformity of climate at equator and poles

    3. fall in the sea level

    4. melting of polar ice

  3. In which parts of India ground water is affected with arsenic contamination?

    1. Haryana

    2. Andhra Pradesh

    3. Sikkim

    4. West Bengal

  4. Sardar Sarover dam is located on the river

    1. Ganga

    2. Godavari

    3. Mahanadi

    4. Narmada

  5. Which one of the following trees has medicinal value?

    1. Pine

    2. Teak

    3. Neem

    4. Oak

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