Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 23

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Answer: C

Q. An effective teacher adopts the norms of the

A) Democratic Society

B) Laissez Faire Society

C) Autocratic Society

D) All of these according to conditions

Answer: A

Q. The decline of the British Empire should have spelt the decline of English

A) the statement is a fact

B) the statement is an advice

C) the statement is an opinion

D) the statement is a prejudice

Answer: D

Q. ATMs of bank have

A) money

B) only money transferring capabilities

C) real currency

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. Line access and avoidance of collision are the main functions of:

A) the CPU

B) the monitor

C) network protocols

D) wide area networks

Answer: C

Q. Malaria is caused by

A) bacterial infection

B) viral infection

C) parasitic infection

D) fungal infection

Answer: C

Q. why a teacher is called the leader of the class?

A) He masters the art of oratory like a political leader.

B) He is autocratic emperor of his class.

C) He belongs to a recognised teacher՚s union.

D) He is a maker of the future of his students.

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following media can be used effectively in large group communications?

A) Television

B) Overhead Projector

C) Video

D) Computer

Answer: B

Q. If EFGHIJK is coded as VUTSRQP then LIMIT can be coded as:





Answer: B

Q. Which of the following can cause explosive volcanic eruption?

A) Low viscosity of magma

B) High viscosity of magma

C) High water content in ground

D) None of these

Answer: B

Q. The Lok – Sabha can be dissolved before the expiry of its normal five year term by

A) The Prime Minister

B) The Speaker of Lok Sabha

C) The President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?

A) Right to Equality

B) Right to Education

C) Right to freedom of speech and expression

D) Right to Employment

Answer: D

Q. Joint SAARC University of eight SAARC nations will be established in

A) Colombo (Sri Lanka)

B) Dhaka (Bangladesh)

C) New Delhi (India)

D) Male (Maldives)

Answer: C

Q. The historical research is different from experimental research in the process of

A) replication

B) formulation of hypothesis

C) hypothesis testing

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. The depth of any research can be judged by:

A) title of the research.

B) objectives of the research.

C) total expenditure on the research

D) duration of the research.

Answer: B

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