Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 28

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Q. Some Students Are Weak In Studies. What Will Be Your Attitude Towards Them?

A) Strict

B) Lenient

C) Liberal

D) Lovable

Answer: A

Q. If A Teacher Is Not Able To Answer The Question Of A Pupil He Should

A) Say That He Will Answer After Consultation

B) Rebuke The Pupil

C) Say That Question Is Wrong

D) Feel Shy Of His Ignorance

Answer: A

Q. An Individual՚s Ability To Learn Is

A) Acquired

B) Teachers

C) Elders

D) None Of These

Answer: C

Q. How Will You Demonstrate Your Impartial Behavior?

A) By Maintaining High Self Esteem And Egoistic Behaviour.

B) By Making Own Behaviour More Balanced And Fair.

C) By Assaulting A Teacher.

D) By Criticizing The Teacher Community.

Answer: B

Q. A Teacher Who Is Not Able To Draw The Attention Of His Students Should

A) Evaluate His Teaching Method And Improve It.

B) Resign From The Post.

C) Find Fault In His Pupils.

D) Start Dictating

Answer: A

Q. Of Great Importance In Determining The Amount Of Transference That Occurs In Learning Is The

A) IQ Of Teacher

B) Knowledge Of The Teacher

C) Use Of Appropriate Elements

D) Presence Of Identical Elements

Answer: A

Q. Democracy In The Classroom Is Best Reflected Through

A) Allowing Students Freedom To The Observance Of Classroom Rules And Regulations.

B) You Will Justify That Most Of The Female Students Are More Sincere Towards Their Studies Than Male Students.

C) You Will Justify To The Male Students That It Is Difficult For You Refuse The Request Made By Female Students

D) None Of These

Answer: B

Q. For Knowledge Lessons

A) Glover՚s Scheme Is Used

B) Herbart՚s Five-Stage System Is Used

C) Garry՚s Scheme Is Used

D) None Of These

Answer: B

Q. What Can A Teacher Do To Develop Integrated Personalities Of His Pupil?

A) Children Should Be Encouraged And Helped To Set Themselves Well-Defined Goals And Objectives Which They Can Hope To Achieve.

B) They Should Be Helped To Build Their Self-Esteem To Develop A Sense Of Worthiness And Positive Ego Image.

C) Life In Schools Should Be So Planned That Children Are Able To Express Themselves Fully.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. Of The Following Objectives Of An Elementary Music Programme The One Of Lowest Priority Is

A) To Expose Children To A Variety Of Musical Compositions.

B) To Prepare Children For Wise Use Of Leisure Time.

C) To Develop A Group Of Performers For holiday Assemblies.

D) To Provide Children With Emotion Outlets.

Answer: C

Q. A Backward Child Is A Slow Learner. He Does Not Respond Satisfactorily To The Ordinary School Curriculum And To The Usual Methods. The Causes Of This Phenomena Are

A) Poor Intellectual Ability And Low Intelligence

B) Physical Defects And Diseases

C) Emotional Disturbance

D) All Of The Above

Answer: D

Q. You Are A Teacher Of Literature. A Chapter Of A Book Deals With A Biography Of A Scientist And His Works. In This Situation, What Would You Do With Chapter?

A) You Would Ask The Students To Read Themselves.

B) You Would Request The Science Teacher, To Teach This Chapter To The Students.

C) You Would Consult Other Books Concerning With The Scientist And Then Teach The Lesson To Student.

D) Any One Of Them.

Answer: C

Q. While Delivering Lecture If There Is Some Disturbance In The Class, Then A Teacher Should


A) Keep Quiet For A While And Then Go On.

B) Not Bother Of What Is Happening In The Class.

C) Punish Those Causing Disturbance.

D) All Of These

Answer: A

Q. Which One Is Not The Objective Of Special Education?

A) To Pursue Those Curricular Matters That Strategically Determine Effective Living For Specific Type Of Handicapped Children.

B) To Develop Motivational Patterns In The Handicapped That Will Produce Achievements.

C) To Develop Realistic Self-Concept In Handicapped Children.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. The Introduction Of Career Courses In Schools And Colleges Aims At

A) Developing The Ability To Make The Intelligent Choice Of Jobs.

B) Providing Professional Knowledge To Students.

C) Increasing G. K. In Students.

D) All Of The Above

Answer: B

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