Climatic Classification – Koppen, Thornthwaite & Trewartha YouTube Lecture Handout

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Climatic Classification – Koppen, Thornthwaite & Trewartha YouTube Lecture Handout

Climatic Classification System

Dr. Manishika Jain explains the 3 climatic classification- Koppen, Thornthwaite and Trewartha summarized under empirical, genetic and applied classification.

Climatic Classification System: Emperical, Genetic and Appli …
Climatic Classification System Iamge-2

Koppen Classification

Koppen Classification Iamge-1
Koppen Classification Iamge-2
Koppen Classification Iamge-3
Koppen Classification Iamge-4
Koppen Classification Iamge-5
Koppen Classification Iamge-6
Koppen Classification Iamge-7
Koppen Classification Iamge-8
Koppen Classification Iamge-9
Koppen Classification Iamge-10
Climate Classification Image

Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1931

Precipitation Efficiency

Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1931 Iamge- 1
Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1931 Iamge- 2

Temperature Efficiency

Temperature Efficiency Image
Temperature Efficiency Image-1

Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1948

  • where is sum of 12 months of , is complex function of , & is mean monthly temperature
  • where is deficit & is potential evapotranspiration
  • where & is surplus & is potential evapotranspiration
  • or
  • Simplified 1955 Formula
    Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1948 Iamge - 1
Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1948 Iamge - 2
Thornthwaite՚s Classification - 1948 Iamge - 3

Trewartha՚s Classification

Trewartha՚s Classification Iamge-1
Trewartha՚s Classification Iamge-2