Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 1

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Q. A teacher can establish rapport with his pupil by

A) Becoming A Figure Of Authority

B) Impressing Them With Knowledge And Skill

C) Playing The Role Of A Guide With Desire To Help Them

D) Becoming A Friend To The Pupils

Answer: C

Q. If majority of students in your class is weak you should

A) Not Care About Intelligent Students

B) Keep Your Speed Of Teaching Gast So That Students Comprehension Level May Increase

C) Keep Your Teaching Slow Which Can Also Be Helpful To Bright Students.

D) Keep Your Teaching Slow Along With Some Extra Guidance To Bright People

Answer: D

Q. For formulating the curriculum, which factor is most important?

A) Teachers Ability

B) Children՚s Capabilities And Needs

C) National Ideology

D) Social And Cultural Ideals

Answer: B

Q. There are so many definitions of learning. Which of the following is most adequate?

A) The Modification Of Behaviour

B) The Development Of Skills

C) The Acquisition And Organisations Of Knowledge

D) All Of These

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is meant of information collection?

A) Schedule

B) Report

C) Plan

D) Scope

Answer: A

Q. Teachers should study the educational philosophy because

A) They Do Not Know It.

B) They Do Not Have Their Won Philosophy

C) Philosophy Is The Backbone Of All Disciplines

D) They May Improve Their Work By Clarifying Their Own Philosophy

Answer: D

Q. Why should you prefer teaching to other profession?

A) For The Service Of Humanity.

B) For Love Of Teaching

C) For Love To Young (Youth)

D) For Mastery Over The Subject Of Teaching

Answer: A

Q. The best way by a teacher to introduce a new subject by

A) Giving A Broad Outline Of The Subject

B) Relating It To Daily Life Situation

C) Relating It To Previously Studied Subject Or Course Material.

D) Any Of These

Answer: D

Q. As a teacher you should not demand your pupils which is beyond their stage of growth. If you do so, it only causes

A) Frustrations

B) Frustrations, Heighten Tension And Nervousness

C) Encouragement For More Learning

D) Both (B) And (C)

Answer: B

Q. A teacher generally asks questions to his pupils during the lecture, why?

A) Are Students Listening The Lecture Attentively?

B) To Know, Which Student Is Brilliant One?

C) To Know Whether The Students Are Understanding The Lecture Or Not.

D) To Help The Students

Answer: C

Q. A competent teacher must have a sound knowledge in right order

A) Proactive, Concept, Theory And Research

B) Theory, Research, Concept And Practice

C) Concept, Theory, Practice And Research

D) Research, Practice, Concept And Theory

Answer: C

Q. In the final analysis, teaching must be thought of mainly as a process of

A) Asking Questions And Evaluating The Learning

B) Directing The Activities Of Pupils

C) Hearing Recitation Of Pupils

D) All Of These

Answer: B

Q. A teacher commands prestige, authority esteem and respect. He should make use of it through suggestion. He should not try to command respect through

A) Scholarship

B) Punishing And Creating Revolting Situation

C) Experience

D) Tact

Answer: B

Q. A teacher is successful only if he

A) Knows His Subject Thoroughly Well

B) Produces Cent Per Cent Result

C) Is Approachable

D) Publishes Papers In Journals Of Repute

Answer: A

Q. The major responsibility with which the school personnel have been entrusted is that

A) It Harmonizes The Child՚s Need And Demands Of The Society Both

B) It Makes The Child Able To Get Job

C) It Prepares The School Programme According To The Need Of The Child

D) All Of These

Answer: A

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