REET 2 2018 Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Previous Paper

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Child Development and Pedagogy

11. As per Right to Education Act, which of the following is not a role of teacher?

A. Complete entire curriculum within the specified time.

B. Teacher shall engage himself or herself in private tuition.

C. Maintain regularity and punctuality in attending school.

D. Assess the learning ability of each child and accordingly supplement additional instructions.

12. According to Freudีšs recommended personality structure, which of the following would satisfy its fundamental urges immediately and reflexively as they arose, without regard to rules, the reality of life or morals of any kind?

A. Super ego

B. Both ego and Super ego

C. Id

D. Ego

17. Which of the following term refers to farsightedness?

A. Optic Atrophy

B. Astigmatism

C. Hyperopia

D. Refraction

19. Which of the following body regulate the training policies and programs in the field of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in India?

A. National Council of Teacher Education

B. National University of Education Planning and Administration

C. National Council of Education Research and Training

D. Rehabilitation Council of India

24. Which of the following is not an example of assistive technology for visual impairment?

A. Large print book

B. Magnifying computer book

C. Speech synthesizer

D. Supplement to text book

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