Up Assistant Teacher 2018 General Questions and Answers doorsteptutor.com Part 1

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Direction: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Poverty is cruel, but it is curable. The only known cure is economic pragmatism instead of woolly ideology. In the field of economics, the tree of ideology has never bore any fruit. We have countless chances for development. Opportunities multiply when they are seized; they die when neglected. We have barely tapped our immeasurable potential for growth. Immense manpower, superb skills and enterprise are to India what oil is to the Middle East. The only difference is that the oil will be depleted one day, but our human resources will never be.

31. Which is the following being most opposite in meaning of the word ‘deplete’ as used in a passage?

A. Regenerate

B. Empty

C. Quench

D. Inflate

32. According to the author, ideology in the context of economics

A. is the most important consideration

B. has barely yielded any result

C. is not a futile consideration

D. has proved to be a basic requirement

33. Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun in the following sentence:

One should love ________ country.

A. his

B. her

C. one՚s

D. my

34. The number of vowel and consonant sounds in English is indicated respectively by ________ and ________.

A. 22,22

B. 5,39

C. 10,34

D. 20,24

39. Identify the type of sentence given below:

How well she sings!

A. Declarative

B. Imperative

C. Interrogative

D. Exclamatory

40. Which of the following sentences is correct?

A. He is an European citizen.

B. An one rupee note is rare to find.

C. I donate an unit of blood.

D. An FIR was lodged against him.

45. Which of the following ocean currents does not belong to Atlantic Ocean?

A. Agulhas Current

B. Labrador Current

C. Florida Current

D. Canary Current

58. What is the main component of introduction skill?

A. Previous knowledge

B. Lecturing

C. Blackboard writing

D. Homework

60. “Education administration provides appropriate education to appropriate student by appropriate teacher by which they can able to become the best by using available maximum resources.” This definition is given by

A. S. N. Mukherjee

B. Cambell

C. Welfare Grahya

D. Dr. Atmanand Mishra

67. Which one of the following factors affects the development of child?

A. Endocrinal glands

B. Nutritious diet

C. Diseases and injuries

D. All of the above

72. If the kinetic energy of a body becomes four times of its initial value, then the new momentum

A. will be three times of the initial value

B. will be four times of the initial value

C. will be two times of the initial value

D. will remain unchanged