UPTET 2 2019 Child Development & Pedagogy Questions Previous Paper Part 1

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Child Development & Pedagogy

1. Which of the following teaching method is not democratic?

A. Lecture method

B. Group discussion

C. Project method

D. Participatory method

2. Which of the following is not related to the affective domain of Bloom՚s taxonomy of educational objectives?

A. Receiving

B. knowledge

C. Organisation

D. Responding

3. Which of the following is not the level of teaching?

A. Memory level

B. Understanding level

C. Reflective level

D. Motivation level

4. Learning is an association between stimulus and:

A. Response

B. Animal

C. Past experience

D. Behaviour

5. Which of the following teaching methods is based on progressive theory?

A. Questioning

B. Deductive

C. Inductive

D. Problem solving

7. At the age of 4 – 5 years, a male child develops a more profound attachment towards his mother as compare to his father, what was the term coined by Freud for this change of behaviour of child?

A. Oedipus complex

B. Electra complex

C. Super ego

D. Narcissism

8. Which one of the following is not included in the Thorndike՚s secondary laws of learning?

A. Law of partial activity

B. Law of action-reaction

C. Law of analogy

D. Law of multiple response

9. If a person is getting help from his previous experiences of driving scooter during the learning of car driving, what type of transfer of learning is depicted in this example?

A. Vertical transfer

B. Bilateral transfer

C. Horizontal transfer

D. Positive transfer

11. Which approach is suitable for the education of ‘Mentally Retarded’ children?

A. Enrichment approach

B. High level curriculum

C. Individualized instructions

D. Acceleration approach

13. Child՚s specific ability and specific potentiality in particular field is known as:

A. Aptitude

B. Interest

C. Value

D. Motivation

14. Iconic stage of Burner is similar to which stage of Piaget՚s cognitive development?

A. Concrete-operational stage

B. Sensory-motor stage

C. Formal operational stage

D. Pre-operational stage

15. Which one is not related with trait theory of personality?

A. Cattell

B. Eysenck

C. Freud

D. Allport