UPTET 2017 Paper 1 Child Development and Pedagogy Questions and Answers Paper

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5. The tendency of ‘Feeling of Revolt’ is concerned with which of the following ages?

A. Childhood

B. Infancy

C. Early adolescence

D. Middle adolescence

6. Period of learning, where no improvement in performance is made, is called

A. learning curve

B. plateau of learning

C. memory

D. attention

9. In a normal zygote, the number of chromosomes in pair is ________.

A. 22

B. 23

C. 24

D. None of the above

14. Goleman is associated with which of the following?

A. Social intelligence

B. Emotional intelligence

C. Spiritual intelligence

D. General intelligence

18. Which of the following is not the cause of plateau of learning?

A. Limit of motivation

B. Non-cooperation of school

C. Physiological limit

D. Limit of knowledge

20. ‘Stanford-Binet Test’ measures

A. personality

B. reading efficiency

C. intelligence

D. None of the above

21. Who has classified introvert personality and extrovert personality?

A. Freud

B. Jung

C. Munn

D. Allport

E. None of these

23. Which of the following is a primary law of physical development?

A. Law of difference from mental development

B. Law of irregular development

C. Law of rapid growth

D. Law of relation from imagination and emotional development

25. “Development results in new characteristics and new abilities.” This statement is given by

A. Gesell

B. Hurlock

C. Meredith

D. Douglas and Holland

27. “Attention is the concentration of consciousness upon one object rather than upon another.” This statement is given by

A. Dumville

B. Ross

C. Munn

D. McDougall