UPTET 2017 Paper 2 Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Paper

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1. Plateau in learning curve is caused due to

A. maturation

B. motivation

C. fatigue

D. interest

2. Mirror drawing test is used to measure

A. rate of learning

B. transfer of learning

C. creativity

D. interest

5. The median of 7, 8, 9, 10,11, 12 is

A. 8

B. 9

C. 10

D. 9.5

7. According to McDougall, every instinct is associated with

A. cognition

B. emotion

C. sensation

D. thinking

9. Five-year-old Mohan has mental age of eight. What is his IQ?

A. 150

B. 160

C. 140

D. 135

10. Which IQ range is called trainable IQ level of mentally retarded children?

A. 70 – 79

B. 50 – 69

C. 36 – 49

D. 35 and below

11. Rorschach inkblot test is used to measure which of the following?

A. Personality

B. Intelligence

C. Interest

D. Aptitude

15. Which among the following is different from the characteristics of a good test?

A. Reliability

B. Validity

C. Objectivity

D. Aptitude

18. According to Piaget, the second stage of cognitive development is

A. sensorimotor stage

B. formal operations stage

C. pre-operations stage

D. concrete operations stage

19. What is the factor influencing physical development?

A. Heredity

B. Environment

C. Sports and exercise

D. All of the above

21. Who among the following described ‘reflective thinking’ ?

A. Dewey

B. Ross

C. Woodworth

D. Drever

25. The right to free and compulsory education for children between age group of 6 - 14 has been included in the Indian Constitution as

A. Article 26

B. Article 15

C. Article 45

D. Article 21 A

26. Kretschmar has classified the persons in which one of the following main types?

A. Asthenic

B. Athletic

C. Pyknic

D. All of the above

29. Which of the following is the most subjective method of educational psychology?

A. Introspection

B. Extrospection

C. Observation

D. Experimentation

30. Albert Bandura is associated with which of the following?

A. Social learning theory

B. Behavioral theory

C. Cognitive development theory

D. Psychosexual development