UPTET 2018 Paper I English Language Questions Paper

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61. What is the main purpose of poetry recitation in a language classroom?

A. To give their opinions about poem

B. To know the historical background of the poem

C. To enjoy and appreciate the poem

D. To become aware of the poet and his/her work

63. Correct the following sentence and choose the right answer:

Please describe an story.

A. Please describe of the story.

B. Please describe about the story.

C. Please describe the story.

D. Please describe to the story

64. Fill in the blank with correct preposition:

A prisoner was accused________ murder.

A. to

B. of

C. for

D. off

67. Which one of the following words can be made plural by adding a suffix en?

A. Max

B. Box

C. Tax

D. Ox

69. Change the following sentence into passive voice:

Have the girls asked this question?

A. Has this question asked by the girls?

B. This question have asked by girls.

C. Has this question been asked by the girls?

D. Have this question asked by the girls?

73. Which of the following words is an abstract noun?

A. Woman

B. Connection

C. Boy

D. Plough

74. Which kind of noun is adversity?

A. Abstract noun

B. Common noun

C. Proper noun

D. Collective noun

76. Which of the following sentences has a conjunction?

A. She is poor but she is by nature hospitable.

B. She is awfully busy.

C. I am nobody for you.

D. My grandfather is not well.

77. Point out the sentence which is in present perfect tense.

A. Your sister visited us yesterday.

B. I shall go to Jaunpur tomorrow.

C. She is very intelligent

D. I have finished my work.

79. Which of the following sentences has a transitive verb?

A. She writes well.

B. She walks in the morning daily.

C. He is running very fast.

D. I killed a snake last night.

80. Which of the following sentences is negative?

A. He does not listen to me.

B. I come from a rich family.

C. You can do all this in no time.

D. They are very gentle people.

81. Which of the following sentences is exclamatory?

A. Which is your favourite book.

B. What a piece of work is man.

C. What do you know about ancient India.

D. His cruelty knew no bounds.

82. Point out the complex sentences.

A. She does not sing.

B. They are very wise people.

C. You know me well.

D. One who does not love one՚s country is a wretched person.

85. Which of the following sentences is in active voice?

A. I requested him to come on time.

B. He was asked to keep quiet.

C. A house was bought for fifty lacs.

D. He was hit badly.

86. Which of the following sentences is in passive voice?

A. He was assisted by a group of students.

B. Please mind your business.

C. I kept quiet throughout the meeting.

D. They came late and lost the match.

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