UPTET 2018 Paper II Social Science Questions Previous Paper Part 1

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92. Which one among the following is not a plantation crop?

A. Wheat

B. Tea

C. Coffee

D. Rubber

94. How many languages have been mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution?

A. 28

B. 24

C. 18

D. 22

96. Which is most important aid in the teaching of social studies?

A. Audio – visual

B. Work selection

C. Lecture

D. Debate

98. Who was the permanent President of Constituent Assembly?

A. Jawaharalal Nehru

B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

C. Dr. Sachhidananda Sinha

D. Dr. K. M. Munshi

99. In the absence of the President who has to perform Presidential functions?

A. Vice-President

B. Governor

C. Prime Minister

D. Chief Justice of India

100. India is the member of which of the following nuclear treaties?




D. None of the above

102. Which is not an agency of the UNO?

A. Food and Agricultural Organization

B. United Nations Educational, Scientific and

C. World Health Organization

D. International Court of Justice

104. The quantity of water in one-hectare centimeter will be

A. 10000 liter

B. 100000 liter

C. 1000 liter

D. 1000000 liter

106. Which fertilizer is highly hygroscopic?

A. Calcium ammonium nitrate

B. Sodium nitrate

C. Ammonium sulphate

D. Urea

109. The main role of pectin in jelly making is

A. staining of fruit juice

B. coagulation of fruit juice

C. sweetening of fruit juice

D. colouring of fruit juice

110. Which pigment is responsible for red colour of tomato?

A. Cyanide

B. Xanthophyll

C. Anthocyanin

D. Lycopene

112. Where is the Central AGMARK Laboratory situated?

A. Pune

B. Bengaluru

C. Nagpur

D. Lucknow

113. Which are the constant (ACHAL) swar?





115. In music continuous flow of equal speed is called

A. Taal

B. Sam

C. Laya

D. Chhanda