UPTET 2018 Paper II Child Development and Pedagogy Questions Paper

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1. Where is Bureau of Psychology, Uttar Pradesh situated?

A. Lucknow

B. Allahabad

C. Agra

D. Varanasi

2. The relation which Skinner has with rats and Thorndike has with cats, same relation Kohler has with

A. dogs

B. hens

C. monkeys

D. chimpanzees

4. The writer of the book, The Behaviour of Organisms is

A. Skinner

B. Hull

C. Pavlov

D. Thorndike

5. What is the most important for the training of right behavior in students?

A. Praise

B. Punishment

C. Reward

D. Presentation of right behavior

7. Who is not associated with the idea of micro-teaching from the following?

A. Bush

B. David Hume

C. D. W. Allen

D. Achison

8. Which of the following is not the level of teaching-learning?

A. Understanding level

B. Reflective level

C. Memory level

D. Distance level

9. Which of the following is not democratic strategy in classroom teaching?

A. Lecture

B. Project

C. Heuristic

D. Brainstorming

10. Which of the following is not a characteristic of inclusive education?

A. It enhances learning only for students with special needs

B. It is the shift in service from the care of disabled children to their education and personal development

C. Inclusive education is a continuous process not an achieved state or product

D. It seeks to maximize the potential of all students

14. Which of the following is not the level of teaching?

A. Understanding

B. Reflective

C. Memory

D. Descriptive

15. The main operation in interactive stage of teaching is

A. diagnosis

B. perception

C. action and reaction

D. All of the above

16. A child starts fearing after seeing a black cow, black dog and black objects. This type of conditioning includes

A. response conditioning

B. stimulus generalization

C. response generalization

D. None of the above

18. Which of the following is not a characteristic of childhood?

A. Extreme gregariousness

B. Lack of curiosity

C. Stability in growth

D. Participation in group and games

19. Which one of the following is not related to creative process?

A. Incubation

B. Motivation

C. Preparation

D. Illumination

20. Which of the following is the first step of growth and development?

A. Physical development

B. Social development

C. Moral development

D. Mental development

23. Bhatia battery test of intelligence has

A. 5 sub-tests

B. 8 sub-tests

C. 4 sub-tests

D. 7 sub-tests

26. To modify undesirable behavior of the student, the most effective method is

A. to punish the students

B. to avoid it

C. to inform it to the parents

D. to find out the causes of undesirable behavior and suggest remedies

28. Braille method and tape-recording can be used as educational provision for

A. visually-impaired students

B. orthopedic impaired students

C. hearing-impaired students

D. physically handicapped students

29. CWSN stands for

A. Children with Strong Needs

B. Children with Single Need

C. Children with Special Needs

D. Creature with soft Need

30. Which of the following is not an element of counselling?

A. Interview

B. Confidence

C. Professional growth

D. Communication