UPTET 2018 Paper II Mathematics and Science Questions Paper Part 1

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91. In the given figure AB = AC and , then is equal to

BAC is Equal





92. If 30 % of (B – A) = 18 % of (A + B) , then the ratio A: B will be

A. 4: 1

B. 5: 3

C. 1: 4

D. 5: 2

93. Two numbers are in the ratio 3: 4. The product of their HCF and LCM is 2028. The sum of the numbers will be

A. 72

B. 86

C. 68

D. 91

96. An article is sold at 20 % profit. If its cost price is increased by 50 and at the same time if its selling price is also increased by 30, the percentage of profit decreases by then the cost price is

A. 851

B. 852

C. 850

D. 853

97. The minimum value of is





98. Find the square root of :

A. 200

B. 240

C. 256

D. 144

101. Which of the following metals is not a mineral?

A. Bauxite

B. Gypsum

C. Hematite

D. Limonite

102. Which one of the following non-metals is liquid?

A. Iodine

B. Sulfur

C. Bromine

D. Phosphorous

104. What is the reason of ‘stone-cancer’ ?

A. Global warming

B. Radioactivity

C. Acid rain

D. Bacterial activity

106. The gas used in artificial ripening of green fruits is

A. ethane

B. hydrogen

C. acetylene

D. nitrogen

109. Momentum of a particle of mass m is p. Its kinetic energy will be



C. mp


110. A battery of 15 volt is connected to a parallel group of resistances of 4,10 and 20 ohm. The current in the circuit will be (A = ampere)

A. 6 A

B. 4 A

C. 8 A

D. 2 A