Quantitative and Qualitative Tools and Techniques Survey Anthropology YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Quantitative and Qualitative Tools and Techniques Survey

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Fieldwork and Its Methodology

  • Fieldwork: method of data collection
  • Prime Method: selection and sampling of a place/people
  • selection of approaches
  • Limit time for field exploring, cross-checking and recording info
  • Fieldworker՚s entry through an introduction by a member of same community
  • Methods and Techniques: Survey, Participant Observation, Case-study, Interview, Schedule, Questionnaire etc.


  • Primary Data: researcher collects himself/herself
  • Secondary Data: from collected reference sources
  • Descriptive studies to testing hypothesis and relationship among different dimensions.
  • Objective of such studies is to work out the characteristics of a population.
  • These studies categorized into two:
    • Surveys: On a small unit of population
    • Census: study of entire population


  • Survey uses standardized procedures – same exact questions in the same way.
  • The questions in a survey are usually about opinions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours along with demographics like age, sex, level of education, income etc.
  • Two categories:
    • Interviews (in person/over the phone)
    • Questionnaires (on paper/online) : include online surveys, mailed surveys

Different Purposes of Survey

  • Descriptive surveys: Describe a certain phenomenon in a sample and a population.
  • Explanatory surveys: explain relationships between variables in sample and population.

Different Relationship to Time

  • Cross-Sectional Surveys: just collect data from a sample at one time.
  • Longitudinal Surveys: Collect data at multiple time over a period.


  • High Representative
  • Low costs
  • Convenient data gathering
  • Good statistical significance
  • Precise result


  • Inflexible design
  • Not ideal for controversial issues
  • Possible inappropriateness of questions


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0: 14 Fieldwork And Its Methodology

2: 25 Survey

5: 50 Different Purposes of Survey

6: 35 Different Relationship to Time

7: 30 Advantage Of Survey

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