Examrace Aptitude Series (Postal Course)

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Author: , ISBN: 978-0-9829216-2-3, First edition: 15-Nov-2010, Last revised:

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Course Includes Following 5 Books

Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation
Elementary Mathematics & Data Interpretation Sample Preview

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Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension
Verbal Reasoning, English Proficiency & Comprehension Sample Preview

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Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning
Non-Verbal & Visual Reasoning Sample Preview

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Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Analytical & Logical Reasoning Sample Preview

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Master aptitude skills with our comprehensive notes and multiple choice practice questions with detailed solutions. Comprehensive notes, thousands of questions with detailed step-by-step explanations. Master all the techniques as you solve questions!

  • Thousands of multiple choice questions and practice questions with detailed solutions & shortcuts to solve the problem.

  • Your one stop solution-Covering maths and basic numeracy, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, judgement & decision making, problem solving, verbal aptitude & reasoning, visual aptitude, data interpretation & sufficiency, reading comprehension.

  • Don't be afraid of maths! Mathematical section specially designed for those candidates who do not have sound maths background.

  • Master English, turn your weakness into strength-course includes a complete and comprehensive verbal and reading comprehension section designed especially for non-english background students. Includes word list, prefix, suffix, synonyms, antonyms and other useful information in appendices.

  • Covers questions of every possible type-from analytical to visual to logical reasoning and mathematical aptitude. In the material.

  • Includes applied questions on decision making & problem solving; & ethical decision making; applied problems on communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Limited time! FREE dedicated book on decision making & problem solving, ethical decision making, and communication & interpersonal skills!

Review Summary Review
awesome book, provides a lot of practice and knowledge

-by-  Kumar (Cleared Exam)

see title

Very useful content - Ultimate tricks

-by-  Gupta (Cleared Exam)

This book has lot of tricks and all teh questions have complete details and solutions, very good for beginners.

math olympiod

-by-  subramani (Cleared Exam)

great book for aptitude and geometry related questions