Data Sufficiency vs. Problem Solving YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency vs. Problem Solving

Problem solving is direct formula based

Data Sufficiency is logical derivation of concept

  • A alone is sufficient
  • B alone is sufficient
  • A & B both can answer the question independently
  • A & B both are required to answer the question

We cannot answer the question

I am hungry. What can I do?

  • I can eat pizza
  • I can eat burger
Pizza and Burger

There are 2 boxes of different color. Is box B red in color?

  • Box A is red color.
  • Box A is blue color.
Red and Blue Box

What is the total cost of 5 pens and 5 pencils?

  • 3 pens and 2 pencils cost a total of ₹ 30.
  • 2 pens and 3 pencils cost a total of ₹ 20.
Pen and Pencil

Who among the following: M, N, P, Q, R, and S are heaviest?

I. P is heavier than only two of them. S is heavier than R and Q.

II. R is lighter than both Q and N but N is heavier than P but lighter than both S and M.

III. S is lighter than M.

From statement I, II, III we get the following arrangement. M is the heaviest.

What is the code for “sweet cake” ?

I: “cake chocolate sweet” is coded as hi ni mi and “sweet bite cake” is coded as ti mi ni.

II: “drink water cake” is coded as fi mi gi and “chocolate sweet water” is coded as ti ni gi.

If the data in statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement II alone is not sufficient to answer the question.

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