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दिशा (Directions) के प्रश्नों का आसान समाधान: Aptitude

Image showing 8 directions

Directions Using Arrows

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Methods of Directions

  • Distance: Distance is a scalar quantity that refers to "how much ground an object has covered" during its motion.

  • Direction: a course along which someone or something moves.

    • North, South, East, West

    • Left or Right

    • Straight or Opposite

    • Sunrise & Sunset

Que1: I Go 4km to East and then I Go 3km North, How Far I Am from My Initial Position?

Que2: He Goes to the East, Person Takes the Right, then Person Takes Left, then Again Person Takes Right at(45°)?

Que3: Person P is Standing, as Person Q is Standing in North of P, Q Friend’s R is Right of Q, P Friends S is Left of P, Now Question is, in Which Direction R is Standing with Respect to S?

  • I start from my House, then go straight east, I reach a cross road, cross road has a 4 direction, road which is coming from opposite side ends to hospital.

  • Walking from my house towards my right is the park, and opposites of park is school.

Image of Direction of Places

Image of Direction of Places

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Sunrise: Sunrise takes place at east, so where would be the shadow, shadow would be to opposite site that is west.

Sunset: Sun would set in west, shadow always be east

Que5: If I Am Going to School, I Meet My Friend B Face to Face and My Friend Shadow is to My Right, So in Which Direction I Am Facing?