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Conquering All Syllogism Problems (Examples): 1 Simple Trick with Venn Diagram

SYLLOGISM – Examples


  • Premise: All events are things describable by science.
  • Premise: All mental decisions are events.
  • Conclusion: All mental decisions are things describable by science.
Image- 1 of Conclusion of Syllogism
  • Premise: All businessmen are wealthy Premise: All wealthy people are hard working. Conclusion:
  • All businessmen are hard working?
  • All hard working people are not wealthy?
Image- 1 of Conclusion of Syllogism
  • Premise: Some religious people are morally good.
  • Premise: Some religious people are rational.


  • Rationally religious people are good morally.
  • Non-rational religious persons are not morally good.
  • Premise: Some flowers are red.
  • Premise: Some flowers are blue.


  • Some flowers are neither red nor blue.
  • Some flowers are both red and blue.
  • All pens are books
  • Some pencils are pens


1. Some pencils are books 2. All pens are pencils

  • All pens are books
  • No pencils are books


1. All books are pencils 2. All pencils are books 3. Some pencils are books

  • Some decisions are reflections.
  • All dreams are decisions.

Conclusion: Some dreams are reflections.

  • All free decisions are uncaused happenings.
  • No conclusions are uncaused happenings.
  • Conclusion: No conclusions are free decisions.
  • No physical acts are chance occurrences.
  • All chance occurrences are accidental events.
  • Conclusion: No accidental events are physical acts.
  • All lorrys are bikes
  • All lorrys are cars


1. All bikes are cars

2. Some cars are bikes

Image- 3 of Conclusion of Syllogism

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