Competitive Exams: Alkaloids and Uses

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Knowing major alkaloids, their source and uses

Major Alkaloids, Their Sources and Uses
MorphinePapaver SomineferumAnalgesic/sedative
CodienePapaver Somineferum (capsule)Cold & cough
ReserpineRawolfia serpentia (root)Lowers BP.
QuinineCinchona offincilis (bark)Malaria
AtropineAtropa Belladona (leaf)Dilates , pupil of eye
EphedrineEphetra (whole plant)Asthma
CurcumineCurcurma longa (rhizome)Antihelminth
AconiteAconitium napellus (roots)Neuralgia/Rheumatism
CooaineErythroxylon coca (leaf)Local anesthesia
StrychnineStrychnor nuxvomica (seed)Nervous disorder

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