Biology Assertion Reason Questions Part 1

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  • Yeast lacks amylase so complex carbohydrates are degraded to sugar by addition of 1 % malt with fungus Rhizopus.
  • Immobilized enzymes are more effective as they bring rapid fermentation.
  • Monoclonal antibodies are administered as immune suppressant in kidney transplants as immune cells, which mediate rejection of graft, are suppressed by the antibodies.
  • Interferons are proteins effective against most virus-they interact with adjacent cell & make them resistant to attack.
  • Bacteria cannot be made to synthesize insulin from its gene because of introns & they do not possess enzyme for removing intron mediated transcription.
  • Combined pills inhibit Ovulation by inhibiting normal release of FSH & LH from pituitary.
  • Absorption H_2 O is retarded at low temperature due to increased viscosity of H_2 O & decreased metabolic activity of root-cells
  • Anti-diabetic effect of garlic is due to presence of sulphur containing amino acids-all cysteine sulfoxide.
  • Plants arid Zone with adaption to reduce the (SACS) rate of transpiration exhibit slow rate of growth.
  • In tropical areas as that-present-in India manures are very rapidly oxidized. Manures are higher than that in temperate areas.
  • Why cholera patients are provided with saline drips-not ions help to retain water in the body & selective Transport through plasma membrane.
  • One major difficulty in the biological control of insect pars-is that-predator develops a preference to other diets & may itself become a post.
  • Honey that has a high concentration of sugar not decay because-Bacteria cannot survive in an active stale in solution of high osmoses as water is drawn not from honey.
  • People who live at high antinode have rosy cheeks because of higher haemoglobin concentration become considerably above the average in sponge to power oxygen pressure.
  • Possibility of living structure coming from other planet is remote because of high temperature & lethal radiations in the interstellar space.
  • Sharks retain large amount of urea in the blood & so blood՚s osmotic pressure approaches that of seawater & minimizes water loss from body.
  • Liver push the right kidney slightly down so right kidney is slightly lower than the left.
  • Cystitis is more common in females due to short urethra.
  • Urine cannot pass back into the ureter due to obliquity of apertures.
  • To prevent collapsing of lungs trachea are brined internally by chitinous cuticle called intima, which has spiral thickening to form taenidiae. The tracheal are not lined by intima but protein trachea.
  • Fishes ′ efficiency is due to structure of gills, arrangement of blood circulation through them & continuous flow of water across gills at all stages of respiration.
  • Water is denser than air so fish has to make greater muscular effort to maintain its flow.

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