Biology Assertion Reason Questions Part 2

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  • At high temperature animal needs more oxygen Available as water warmer area contain less oxygen
  • Left lung is smaller than right due to presence of cardiac notch in which heart is present
  • Surfactant lecithin files are present on the alveoli of that lowers the surface tension & keeps it open. In new born babies it may not be present & lead to collapsing of lungs.
  • During inspiration intra abdominal pressure increase & intra thoracic pressure decrease & the blood returns from abdomen to thorax.
  • At high altitudes oxygen concentration decrease so it is more difficult to breathe so rate of breathing increase & have more RBC.
  • Mercury is used in anaerobic respiration as it-does not react with carbon dioxide
  • Fruits & seeds are stored at low temperature to reduce rasp rate.
  • Pygmies are short due to the faulty plasma member growth hormone receptors & cannot interact with the growth hormone.
  • Cholera release toxin that interferes with the proper functioning of ademylate Cyclase, sodium ion & water leave intestinal cells & individual die of severe diahhroea.
  • Lytic fibrosis due to faulty chloride channel a thick mucus collects in airways & pancreatic & liver ducts.
  • Eating raw fish may cause paralysis due to deficiency of B1 as its muscles contain an enzyme to digest thiamin.
  • Hemophilia due not occur in females due to deficiency of thromboplastic.
  • Blue whales muscles are charged heavily with myoglobin this gives it a characteristic dark colour & device to facilitate tissue oxidation during tremendous dives.
  • Spray oil on stagnant water controls malaria as they cannot breathe (larva՚s)
  • Wine turns sour due to anaerobe bacteria.
  • Sugarcane varieties are mostly sterile because they are aneuploids.
  • In plasmodium gametocytes are formal by trophozore in RCB of man. They do not develop fully in RBC because of high temperature of blood.
  • Grittiness of pulp of sapota is due Steroids.
  • Birth control pills check ovulation by inhibiting secretion of FSH & LH
  • Walls of DCT & collecting tube are permeable due to ADH
  • Fruits of watermelon are big in them great supply of food occurs due to bicollateral phloem.
  • Cyt c & Hb help in O2 transport as both have affinity for oxygen.
  • DNA GC pain are more stable & denatured at higher temp as compared to AT base pain due to 3 strong hydrogen bonds in GC pain when 2 strong bonds are present in AT base pain.
  • Value of numerical aperture more than 1 can be obtained by filling space between object & lens with cedar wood oil as it has refractive index of 1.5.
  • Food can be preserved for long at low temperature as neither microbial nor enzyme action taken place at low temperature.
  • Malonate inhibits activity of succinate dehydrogenase, as it closely resembles in structure to it.
  • Membrane structure is fluid-Kinless in fatty acid tail prevent close packing of the molecules.

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