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Cell Division - Mitosis & Amitosis; 5 Stages of Mitosis - Memory Tricks

Dr. Manishika Jain in this session explains the concept of cell division - mitosis and amitosis. 5 stages of mitosis are explained: Prophase Prometaphase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Followed by cytokinesis.

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Key Contributors

  • Rudolf Virchow: omnis cellula e cellula (cell is derived from cell)
  • Strasburg: nucleus formed from preexisting ones
  • Boveri & Flemming: Somatic cell division
  • Flemming: coined mitosis
  • Benedin, Strasburger, Sutton & Winiwater: Chr. Reduced to half in gametes
  • Farmer & Moore: gave term meiosis
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  • The cell is preparing for division.
  • Organelles replicate.
  • DNA is duplicated
  • Cell increases in size.
  • Majority of the cell՚s lifespan is spent in interphase.


  • Chromosomes condense
  • Mitotic spindle is formed from microtubules that gradually lengthen driving the division of the cell.


  • Nuclear envelope breaks down
  • Condensed chromosomes come into direct contact with the microtubules
  • Condensed chromosomes line up along the equator


  • Sister chromatids are drawn to opposite poles
  • Duplicate copies of the cell՚s DNA are on either side of the cell
  • Microtubules get shorter, which begins to allow the cell to separate.


  • Nuclear envelope reforms as two new nuclear envelopes around the separated sister chromatids.
  • Cytokinesis takes place.
  • Cytoplasm is equally divided between the two new daughter cells
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