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4 Concepts & Exceptions in Ecosystem - Food Chain, Food Web, Pyramids, Biomagnification

Food Chain Food Web Ecological Pyramids


  • Food chain
  • Trophic levels
  • Types of food chains
  • Food web
  • Significance of food web
  • Ecological pyramids
  • Disadvantages of ecological pyramids

Food Chain

Food Chain Image-1

Steps of Food Chains

Steps of Food Chains Image

Trophic Levels

Trophic Levels Image

Types of Food Chain

  • Grazing food chain
  • Detritus food chain
  • Parasitic food chain

Food Web

Food Web Image

Significance of Food Web

  • Maintain the ecological balance
  • Feeding relations among organisms
  • Energy flow and nutrient cycling
  • Alternate source of food

Ecological Pyramids

  • Pyramid of Number
  • Pyramid of Biomass
  • Pyramid of Energy

Pyramid of Number

Pyramid of Number Image

Pyramid of Number

Diamond Shaped Pyramid of Numbers

Pyramid of Biomass

Pyramid of Biomass Image

Pyramid of Energy

Pyramid of Energy Image

Disadvantages of Ecological Pyramids

  • Only indicates food chain
  • Decomposers?
  • Single Organisms different trophic levels?

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