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3 Mendelian Laws of Inheritance - Fundamentals of Genetics

Mendel՚s Laws of Inheritance

  • How Mendel began his work
  • Law of Dominance

Hybrids show Dominant trait (Phenotype)

  • Law of Segregation

Each allele retain itself distinct identity even though they remain together

Mendel՚s Laws of Inheritance Image-1
Mendel՚s Laws of Inheritance Image-2
  • When dominant AA and recessive aa is crossed, the percentage ratio of the hybrid showing the parental genotypes is

(A) 0 % (B) 25 % (C) 50 % (D) 75 %

  • Which cross would produce phenotypic ratios that would illustrate the Law of Dominance?

How many gametes would be formed from Aa Bb Cc?

  • How many gametes would be formed from Aa Bb cc?

Law of Independent Assortment pendent Assortment

′ when two pairs of traits are combined in a hybrid, segregation of one pair

of characters is independent of the other pair of characters՚

Law of Independent Assortment Image-1

How many different types of phenotypes would be formed from a cross of RrYy x RrYy?

Assuming complete dominance, what is the phenotypic ratio of the offspring of the cross

(a) 1: 1 (b) 3: 1 (c) 1: 1: 1: 1 (d) 9: 3: 3: 1

  • AA, Aa-Red
  • aa-white
  • BB-, Bb-Big
  • bb-small
Law of Independent Assortment Image-2

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