Competitive Exams: Revision Terminology Part 2

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Lanolin – cutaneous gland = sebum

Fe – Cu needed for oxidation reduction process

Link of glycolysis & Krebs Cycle = Acetyl-coA

N2 base choline from PO43- group e. g. Lecithin (cell membrane & egg yolk)

Phosphoric acid + glycerol + 2 fatty acid (saturated or unsaturated) = Phosphatidic Bond

Phosphoric acid + fatty acid + glycerol + choline = lecithin

Fatty acid, glycerol, phosphoric acid, Choice/Serirec = Cephalin (Brain)

Aliphatic aldehyde + fatty acid + H3PO4 + Choline or ethanolamine = Plasmogen

Choline + H3PO4 + fatty acid + Sphingosine = Sphingomyelins (insulate nerve fibre)

Glycolipid – amphipathic carbohydrate glyceride derivative & nophosphate

Glycolipid – galactolipid & sulpholipid in plastid membrane

Steroid – perhydrocyclopentanophenantherene. (total 17 carbon)

Sterols = Cyclopentanoperhydrophenantherene e. g. Cholesterol (from gall stone)

Stigmasterol (Calabar, soybean oil) ⇾ converted to corpus luteum & progesterone

Sitosterol – wheat germ oil

Amino acid – charged polar molecule – H2O soluble

Permeability of cell wall decrement when in Contact with polyvalent elements

Water – temp buffer due to highest specific heat (Except liquid NH3)

Amylose: Amylopectin in ratio 1: 3

Unbranched: Branched

Silk = - Pleated Structure

Helical ⇾ Keratin hair

Hair & wool – Dead cells of X – Keratin Strand

X – Globulins ➾ antibodies.

Basic A. A = Lysine, arginine – cation – pH 7.4

Beta lacto globin – C1864 H3012 O576 N468 S21

More H2 Bond in antiparallel structure

Hemoglobin & myoglobin = Conjugated protein

Circular DNA – without free terminal

Linear DNA – with free terminal

Hyper chromatic effect – when native DWA is denatured, there is an increase

Absorbance due to decrement in number of H2 bonds.

Frist earth summit – Rio Je Janerio – Brazil

Bio Control - Cactoblastis Lantana by bugs

Jhuming culture – Sal, mahua & tendu

Green India 2047 by I K gujral

Ranganthittu sanctuary (Mysore) – Birds

Soil Binders:- Prosopis juliflora

Community forest management by Green Book shop of Doon՚s Valley

Desertification – high temperature & low rain.

Pittsburgh (USA) = Smoky city

Pittsburgh by Ringemann՚s chart