Competitive Exams: Revision Terminology Part 24

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Some virus have envelope of lipoproteinaceous study = peplomeres

Some virus have envelope pleomorphic (envelope is not rigid)

Lysozyme – carried on tail of bacteriophage facilitates penetration of phage into host cell.

TMV – 2130 capsomere helically, 49 capsomere in 3 turns (16 – Y3 capsmere in one turn) & 130 turns in complete virus capsid, 158 Amino acid & each with 17400 mol wt.

SS RAN, 6400 nucleotides nucleotide: Capsomere = 3: 1

Pox virus ⇾ smallpox or variola, dsDNA, dumbbell shaped

AIDS – HIV or HTLV – III or LAV or ARV – SSRNA, surrounded by protein coat, destroys helper T Lymphocytes which acids in antibody production

Ty phage DNA contain hydroxyl methyl cytosine (HMC) instead of cytosine, it is glycosylated to protect phage DNA from action of bacterial endonuclease which would otherwise cleave phage՚s DNA at specific pt & destroy it

Time between infection & assembly by new phages = eclipse period.

Time between infection & release of viral particle = latent period.

Lytic cycle – virulent & multiply leading to lysis.

Lysogenic cycle – virus in corporate into host DNA, inactive – temert/Prophage/provirus.

Period during which virus free vector feed on virus infected plant = acquisition feed period.

Period between acquisitation & transmission = latent period.

Min period reed for above purpose = transmission threshold period.

Actual period of feeding during which it is inoculated in new plants = inoculation feed period.

Viral disease – foot & mouth disease of cattle, Swine fever, fowe pest, myxomatosis of rabbit, rabies of dog etc, kyasanur forest disease of monkeys.

Epstein Barr virus (I) – EBV ➾ Burkits lymphoma (human cancer)

Herpes virus 1 = HSV 1 – cancer of lip & mouth.

Herpes virus 2 = HSV 2 – cervical cancer.

HTLV – I – adult T cell leukemia

HTLV – II – Hairy cell leukemia.

1st virus into existence when a plasmid acqd gene for capsid proteins

Cryptograms – 1st pair – type/no of nucleic acid

2nd pair – mol wt / % of mol wt

3rd pair – outline of particle/nucleocapsid

4th pair – kind/nature of host infection

Regressive theory – primitive micro Ong became endoparasite on host & Lost synthetic engineering to become today virus – virus are superparasite.

Addition cyanophage LPP – 1 & SM – 1 = Control water blooms

T2 bacteriophage – DNA is chemical basis of heredity

Streptococcus lactics & S. Cremoris – products of cheese (starter culture) – stops within 30 minute.

A Subs which kills virus = virucide

Interfereon – antiviral, species specific (1st marketed as introus)

IFN – Y to treat human leukemia

Vaccinia virus on chorie allantoic memb – against small pox, yellow fever, influenza

Viriods – only very small RAN genome smallest known agent (Diener & Raymer) infectious cadang cadang of coconut, cucumber pale fruit.

Prion – prusinier only proteine, no nucleic acid

Prion Kura – degenerative disease of CNS of New Guinea.

Creatzgeld Jakob disease in cosmopolition of middle aged people.

Integrated plant research installation of controlled growth = phytotrons.

Auxiy IAA occurs in urine of pellagra sufferers.

Phenyl acetic acid (non indole auxin) – rich in tomato

Cell elongation, cell division in vasaular cambium, phototropism, geotropism, ouxin controls apical dominance in plants