Competitive Exams: Revision Terminology Part 4

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Test & Fehling՚s test to detect glucose in urine

Tetrasacchride = Stachyose/Scorodose

Penta Tetrasacchride = Verbascose

Pentose – ribose, Xylulose, arabinose

Pentose – ribose, xylulose, cell wall material

Agar-2 = cell wall constituent of Gracilaria (galactose)

Raffinose – Trisaccharide – Sugar beet, coffer, non-reducing

Polysaccharides are amorphous in nature, not sweet.

Saturated fatty acid – do not bear double bonds.

Neutral fat – 16 C – palmitic acid – tripalmitin

Neutral fat – 18 C – stearic acid – tristearin

Mixed fat = palmetto – ocio – stearin.

Rancidity - is the process, which causes a substance to become rancid, that is, having a rank, unpleasant smell or taste. Specifically, it is the hydrolysis and/or autoxidation of fats into short-chain aldehydes and ketones, which are objectionable in taste and odor

Most of plant triacylglycerol bear low MP & are liquid at room temperature

Waxes – esters of higher fatty acid with high monohydroxyl Alcohol They are inert

Beeswax – by abdominal gland – myricylalcohol

Lanolin – cutaneous gland = sebum

Fe – cu needed for oxidation-reduction process

Link of glycolysis & Krebs cycle = Acetyl-coA

N2 base choline from PO43- gp e. g. Lecithin (cell membrane & egg yolk)

Catadramous – Simple Water ⇾ Sea water, Anguilla

Anadromous – sea water ⇾ fresh water, Salman, lamprey

NaOCL➾ Sterilization for HIV

AgNo3 ➾ Brown Bottle ⇾ Photosensitive

6 human races are leone

New world monkey – flat nose, prehensile tail

Old world monkey – narrow nose, facial expressions

Dryopithcus Africanus – proconsul – Leaky – East Africa – Miocene - sivapithecus

Java ape man (Dubois) – Pithecanthropus rectus

Neanderthal man – Protruding Jaw, burial, Cave dweller, Humped back, fashioned skin fish clothing

Neanderthal man more cranial than man, semi erect posture, no chin

Term Biology – Lamarck & Treviranus (1801)

Huxley – “physical basis of life”

Catabolism + Anabolism = Metabolism

Short term response = irritability

Long term response = adaptability

Botany from Boskeiy (Greek) – grazing

Teleology – events happen with goal in view

Serendipity – unexpected discoveries

Biotic (Joei De Rosey) - new research by interaction of Biology with computer, electronics etc.

Actinobiology – radiobiology – effect of radiation on organism

Anthology – Flowers

Biometrics – Application of statistics for analysis of biological problems

Chronobiology – function of organism in relation to time

Ethno botany – relation of primitive & recent people

Ethology – Typical behavior of organism

Etiology – study of cause of disease.

Genealogy – development of organism from earlier forms.

Gnotoboitics – germ free life.

Biology – Science of Exceptions

Latro palynology – study of pollen in medical aspects eg hay fever crime

Olericulture – study of vegetables

Phenology – change in plant community with seasons.

Serology – serum & antigen – antibody interaction

Speleology – Organism inhabiting caves

Taphonomy – Condition conducive to fossilization of organism in past.

Flowering Time

  • External Condition for initiation of flowering = inductive
  • Xanthium Flowers with minimum 8 Leaves.
  • Matka (Melocanna bambusoides) & nothing (Bambusa tulida) Flower in 48 year.
  • Agave, Bamboo – Flower once in life ⇾ monocarpic.

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