Competitive Exams: Revision Terminology Part 51

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  • Demographic process – fertily, mortality, marriage, migration, social mobility.

  • Year 1921 – big divide

  • Sex ratio = female / 1000 males.

  • Popl density =

  • Popl depends on –

    1. Biotic potential = reproduction – capacity to produce offspring under naturalendi.

    2. Carrying Capacity = All environments can carry only a limited size of population & is constant.

  • Prevent ovulation – mala D = daily.

  • Prevent ovulation – saheli = Weekly.

    Reindeer, Lemmings, Algae

    J Shaped Population Curve

    Reindeer, Lemmings, Algae

    Commonly seen in Yeast and Human beings

    S Shaped Population Curve

    Commonly seen in Yeast and Human beings

  • Malthus – population grow geometrically, food – arthimetically.

  • Malthus essay on human popl - in popl a) decrement b) increment in birth.

  • JRD Tata – 1992 united nations popl a ward.

  • Copper T, loop, spiral, ring, bow, shield.

  • Mech birth control devices – condoms (male), cervical caps (female), diaphragm (female), IVDS.

  • Cervical caps -> prevent sperm from entering uterus.

  • Abortion = MTP.

  • Combined pills (estrogen & progesterone) o=inhibit overlation by inhibiting normal release of FSH & LH from pituitary.

  • Abstinonce (a voidance of sex) – to refrain from indulgence.

  • Test tube baby – embryo transplanted at 32 celled stage in mother’s womb.

  • Amino centesis prior sonography to avoid damage to foetus & placenta sex, chr abnormality, engymatic abnormality (phemyl ketourea)

  • Birth control – Permanent (a) Vascetomy – cut in vasa deferentia.

    (b) tubectomy – cut in sallopian tube.

    (c)tubal ligation – tying of sallopian tube.

  • Electric pube – male contraceptive.

  • Spermacidal cream – lactic acid, boric acid, citric acid, ZnSo4, KMno4, neem oil.

  • Water detected on moon, Europa of Jupiter & Titan of Saturn.

  • Biopoiesis = Origin of life.

  • Biogeny = Origin of first life.

  • Biogenesis = Origin of life from life.

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