Chemistry Assertion Reason Questions

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  1. Basic nature of amine-salts are ionic solids
  2. Wlliamson synthesis use primary halides as secondary and tertiary halides undergo elimination reaction
  3. Arylhalide and sodium alkoxide not used for phenol ethers due to less reactivity of aryl halide towards Nu substance
  4. Ether are bent structure and dipole is more than one so there is polar nature
  5. Boiling point of ether is less than alcohol, so no hydrogen bond is formed and there is weak dipole-dipole interaction
  6. Solubility of ether is approximately same as alcohol so it forms hydrogen bond with water
  7. Ether is used as solvent due to its inert nature
  8. Cleavage in phenolic ether is difficult than alkyl oxygen bond due to partial double bond characteristics due to resonance
  9. Ether in contact to air and light undergo oxidation as peroxides are formed which are unstable compounds and explode on heating

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