Common Greetings in Chinese: Revision and Exercises for Chinese to English

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Common Greetings in Chinese (Learn Chinese)

  1. Ní hǎo 你好 -HELLO

  2. Nǐn hǎo 您好-HELLO (您-RESPECT,POLITE)

  3. Hūanyíng 欢迎 welcome

  4. Xìexìe 谢谢 -thankyou

  5. zāo shāng hǎo 早上好 -GOOD MORNING

  6. xìawǔ hǎo 下午好 -GOOD AFTERNOON

  7. wǎnshāng hǎo 晚上好 -GOOD EVENING

  8. Wǎnān 晚安 -good night

  9. Zàijìan 再见 -good bye -see you


Ní hǎo 你好Nǐn hǎo 您好zāo shāng hǎo 早上好Wǎnān 晚安xìawǔ hǎo 下午好wǎnshāng hǎo 晚上好Hūanyíng 欢迎zàijìan 再见


  • How to wish somebody goodnight?

  • How to say hello to your elder?

  • How to say see you later?

  • How to thank somebody?

Zàijìan 再见

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