Foods and Beverages Name in Chinese: Chinese Learning and Simple Way of Chinese

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Foods and Beverages Name in Chinese-食品和饮料名称中文(Learn Chinese)

Foods and Beverages Name in Chinese

  • Coffee-kā fēi- 咖啡

  • Dumplings-jiăo zi –饺子

  • Tea-chá- 茶

  • Noodle-miàntiáo -面条

  • Pop- qì shuĭ -汽水

  • Water –shuĭ –水

  • Lemonade-níng méng shuĭ –柠檬水

  • Orangejuice-jú zi shuĭ -橘子水

  • French fries- zhá shŭ tiáo -炸薯条

  • Candy –táng –糖

  • Chocolate- qiăo kè lì –巧克力

  • Gum-kŏu xiāng táng -口香糖


1) what is water?

2) what is French fries?

3) what is noodles?

4) what is chocolate?

5) what is lemonade?

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