Pet Animals in Chinese: Chinese Learning and Simple Way of Chinese

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Pet Animals in Chinese - 宠物动物 (Learn Chinese)

Pet Animals in Chinese

  • 牛 Cow niú

  • 狗 Dog gǒu

  • 马 Horse mǎ

  • 猫 Cat māo

  • 羊 Sheep yáng

  • 老鼠 Mouse lǎo shǔ

  • 兔子 Rabbit tù zi

  • 猪 Pig zhū

  • 骆驼 Camel luò tuo

  • 鸡 Chicken jī

  • 熊猫 Panda xióng māo

  • 猴子 Monkey hóu zi


1) what is panda?

2)what is dog?

3)What is pig?

4) what is monkey?

5) what is cat?

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