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Sports Names in Chinese | 体育 (Learn Chinese - 学习中文)

Sports Names in Chinese

  • 网球 wăngqiú- Tennis

  • 篮球 lánqiú- Basketball

  • 羽毛球 yǔmáoqíu- Badminton

  • 足球 zúqíu- Football

  • 半球 bǎnqíu- Cricket

  • 高尔夫球 gāoérfūqíu- Golf

  • 跑 pǎo- Running

  • 棋 qí- Chess

  • 乒乓球 pīngpāngqíu-Table Tennis

  • 游泳 yóuyǒng- Swimming

  • 拳击 quánjī- Boxing


1) What Is Football?2) What Is Cricket?3) What Is Badminton?4) What Is Boxing?5) What Is Table Tennis?

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